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水上人间 (2019)
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水上人间 (2019) : Miao Miaomiao is from the arid region of Northwest China. To escape the fear of lack of water for generations, she came to work in a seaside city. She worked in a water park called "Happy Water Kingdom". Her kindness, hard work and wisdom won the boss's reward. Of knowledge and married as a proprietress in charge of the water business. Later, her husband was put in prison because of an accident, and he handed over the "Water Kingdom" to Miao Miaomiao. At the same time, he took care of her mentally impaired brother Erxiong. Miao Miaomiao adhered to the business philosophy of Huang Dading's father, while doing her best While managing business, he is as meticulous as his mother to take care of the two bears who are more than thirty years old and whose IQ is only a few years old..
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